COPO - COUNCIL OF Peoples organization


Mohammed Razvi started a food bank during this time for the people who are part of COPO which he set up in front of COPO'S storefront.  


Since  then he has been contacted by 8 Mosques and 8 churches asking if their members can use COPO'S FOOD BANK as well. Of course COPO said yes.

They always say yes, and then figure out what to do to make it work. And they always do!


They are, of course, overwhelmed, trying to feed everyone in need, including those who just drop by.


This is the video we received from COPO below so you can see for yourself.


And the Pay Pal link for you to donate is:


Anything you can send will be most appreciated - from 25.00 to the sky is the limit.

Money will be used to feed the people.



The Council of Peoples Organization’s (COPO) mission is to assist low income immigrant families, particulary South Asians and Muslims, to reach their full potential as residents of New York City. COPO empowers marginalized communities to advocate for their rights and understand their responsibilities as Americans. It helps to build community relations between Muslim and non-Muslim community groups. It continues to establish connections between the communities and various government agencies.