APRIL 22nd - NOW


Our documentary film - WHO'S NEXT?  about how hate speech is affecting the Muslim Community, and in turn, the rest of us, is now available to rent or 
buy on Amazon Prime Video; and if enough people do either, Amazon will help publicize the film.
Here's the link to the film: 
which we hope you will use and feel free to forward to your friends and family. After all, everyone is looking for something new to watch these days!
Note: When you do go to the film's link on Amazon, they've attached the short video the director made about the making of the film which we hope you'll watch.  They're billing it, however, as the trailer - which it isn't.  If you'd like to take a peek at the actual trailer, it's on the homepage of our site. 
We hope you like the film; and, if you do, We hope you'll comment positively on the site - as all good reviews are incredibly helpful. As always, we'd love to hear your comments as well. Feel free to get in touch with us through the contact form on our website.
MARCH 17th


Because of the virus, screenings of the film have been postponed. Venues are saying the Fall. We will keep you posted.

Because of the current situation we are working with the distributor BULLFROG FILMS to figure out how to get WHO'S NEXT? to anyone who wants to watch it. We'll keep you informed.

In the meantime, stay well and stay sane!

Screening of WHO'S NEXT? at the Marlene Meyerson JCC in Manhattan
To purchase tickets and information 

Comments from the screening

“The film is just stunning. You have really done something immense and needed so badly. It will do great good. Mazel tov. So glad we were there. I will keep checking your progress with it. Break a leg. 


P.S. and I thought the editing was perfect… bringing in that lovely comedian.”

(Barbara Barrie Harnick, Award-winning actress)

“My friend who came to the screening with me last night called me this morning to tell me she is still sad from seeing the film. It’s an appropriate response. 

My dad always said that one had to be very vigilant about fascism because it can sneak up on you before you know it.”

(Maria Cellario, Actress)

“I thought the movie was beautiful, sad a little frightening and, in the end, somewhat uplifting.“

(Anne Navasky, Painter)


“Loved your film, you have created such a passionate story and call to action. My friends were so moved and grateful that I invited them.”

(Diane Painter Velletri, Activist)

“Tonight Norman and I saw a most brilliant film. It is about the difficulty of being an American Muslim today, but it has implications for all minorities. As you surely know after 9/11 there began to be lots of prejudice against all musilm peoples. In her movie you meet families who have been here many years who cannot get work approvals, or for whom getting citizenship is now impossible. Of course, much of that has to do with positions of the Trump administration."

(Helene Levi) 

“Your documentary is brilliant & so important.” (Elaine Mode)


“Congratulations - it was fabulous. So well done, and you found such amazing people. (But you didn’t interview my 99-year-old mother, who once said “All Muslims should drop dead”) 

I’m sure “Who’s Next” will win awards.”

(Maria Mendelson)

WBAI  8-10pm  99.5FM - Any Saturday with David Rothenberg
Interview with WHO'S NEXT? Director Nancy Cooperstein Charney
If your school or institution would be interested in having your own private screening, please contact either the distributor "Bullfrog Films" or the director "Nancy Cooperstein Charney."